New generation for airport!

14 Oct

The rapid development of modern information technology, emerging media widely brought great changes for the dissemination of information in the field. Into the 21st century, the way of communication between people increasingly inseparable from the phones and computers, social networking such as Facebook or micro-blogging world for young people through this platform for the dissemination of corporate information. With some human touch as well as a sense of humor, may produce a surprise move and stand out effect. Continue to expand as new technologies in the field of media, in the face of the impact of new media, the international airport after the establishment of the social networking media continue to maintain vitality? Airport media how to use new media means to enhance the spread of power? How the new media era airport through the content, the adjustment of the means of communication better serve the public? In three clues to the Macau International Airport as an example, a brief analysis of how to coordinate the relationship between traditional concepts and new media technology International Airport should be in the media age, how to launch practical programs and activities to promote the airport media development better.

International Airport can take advantage of other platforms, such as Facebook or Twitter as a powerful way of corporate advertising, after all, today’s young people will be more over the network to understand everything outside. The aviation enterprises already know how to further strengthen their business through social media networks to carry out. Which relates to all aspects of the aviation industry. Aviation enterprises, for example, Southwest Airlines has been successful in its Facebook and Twitter attracted more than 750,000 followers. Amman airline set up its own Facebook page. This is a social utility that connects people with friends, friends, colleagues, students, as well as around the user can use it and keep interact, share unlimited upload pictures and post links, can improve the understanding of friends now reason why many companies make full use of these social media network, took a fancy to their popularity, Volkswagen, and can further strengthen their corporate brand. Through, for example, to resolve the doubts, promotional marketing, corporate image display to show their brand.

Cleverly using social media for corporate communications messages to communicate with passengers in the company’s image to a certain extent from the stiff, unapproachable become intimate and humane. Aviation enterprises through the interaction with the travelers become more viable and simple, and the interaction between the two sides and potentially allow travelers to become the embodiment of the “fans” to promote the goodwill of the aviation enterprises. These actions are generally difficult to achieve at the official website of the aviation enterprises, social networking media is the aviation enterprises show the second face of the corporate image.



Wiki change enterprise 2.0

14 Oct

Today’s information society, if politics can not cross borders, and then only through the Internet to create and share swap knowledge is the realization of the global village civilization base. Knowledge to create a share swap with different the industrial society substances interchangeable, when two or more parties no longer get both also lost relationship but superposition of knowledge, increasing relationship even brainstorming collisions generate sparks breakthrough innovation. The Wiki the emergence of knowledge to create a share swap platform and workplace collaboration across time and space. Whether multinational companies or SMEs, are available through the fair operation of the business and corporate culture gradually participate in and accelerate the process of global economic integration and joint efforts.

Wiki is a cheap, scalable and easy to maintain application. It does not require large-scale deployment of the software, it may well be connected with the existing network infrastructure. It uses a simplified syntax can quickly create, access, change the hypertext pages, and the system has been growing. Wiki can be opened, observable and easy-to-use control. It is based on a web open to corporate members or other related persons, which allows the user to determine the relevance of the content, free to create, modify, delete pages, version control can be realized through the text database or a relational database. Wiki also has a self-organizing, capacity aggregation and reproduce. Wiki, according to the actual need to create your own Web site structure and hypertext organizational structure can be modified, evolution. Compared with the content management software workflow structure the Wiki inherent collaborative nature to achieve rapid integration of information.

As social software technologies Wiki contains others sharing “concept, the most important is the devotion and dedication. Enterprises from the service point of view, based the Wiki collaboration platform established many business management applications, it will gradually become the main role in the process of enterprise information.

Wiki is of corporate interpersonal and communication platform. As many personalized personal enterprise groups, in exchange communication often encounter many obstacles, thus easily damaged information accuracy and completeness. And now, with the development and improvement of the Wiki technology has greatly facilitated communication enterprises break through time and space in the vertical and horizontal barriers. Wiki openness in information dissemination, immediately, directly, storage, and error correction addendum to the timeliness of features key information on the accuracy and integrity of links, and superior to other means of communication, to protect the enterprise effective management of internal interpersonal communication.


Wiki is an important means of enterprise performance management staff. Performance management enterprise evaluation of the value of employees to create and enhance employee skills, performance, and more direct supervisor appraisal subordinate, the results of the assessment will be calculated as remuneration, promotion or demotion, training, job change or be dismissed The main basis of the personnel work. Now, businesses can use Wiki to bear part of the work in this management. Such as Google in the system to establish a working notification system, every Monday, all employees must make a summary of last week’s work report together with everyone I photograph will automatically import notification superior not only to understand the usual work The results also allow all people to share the experience and creativity of others, and further formation of mutual learning one another incentive opportunity. Wiki of other applications is also based on frankness between managers and employees to meet with sincere collaboration, so there are always directly or indirectly helpful for individual employees, departments and business performance improvement. In addition, in some enterprise project management, Wiki has much to offer the Wiki relying on team work, which can effectively resolve the implementation of the project risk, improve project quality and efficiency, and enhance market competitiveness.

Wiki is an off-the-shelf tools for enterprise knowledge management. Knowledge management is an effective means to improve the core competitiveness of enterprises and organizations personalized knowledge that it will be dispersed into the organic system of knowledge, the full realization of the integration of the enterprise knowledge resources, development, sharing, and value-added, which continued through the organization of the effective use of the knowledge system and enhance greatly enhance the core competitiveness of enterprises. Before the advent of the Wiki, complex knowledge management is not only expensive, but the process is tedious. Now, as a collaboration software, Wiki can focus and management of enterprises of all types of data, information and knowledge, and simple to use. At the same time, according to the needs of enterprise development, Wiki system also supports all kinds of new knowledge created by employees in the course of practice, to help companies achieve the overall knowledge of the scale of the expansion as well as the quality of knowledge. So in a sense, the application of Wiki knowledge management or a corporate nature of the improvement process. First like Motorola and so Wiki is introduced into the internal knowledge management.



enterprise new tool: Cloud!

14 Oct

The corporate network of the future will be widely fusion, fusion from the fusion of data center networks, servers and storage, LAN and WAN wired network and wireless network integration, towards the development of a unified network platform direction

Cloud computing led to large-scale integration of information resources in the global information network of Things tentacles extend to every corner of the world, of ICT new era of enterprise networks become more powerful, but also more complex.

As a new business model, cloud computing is becoming an attractive proposition, companies are looking for cost and efficiency advantages of the use of cloud computing seriously.The three major cloud service segments will experience in the next 10 years, 15%, 61% and 27% compound annual growth. They are:

  •     Software as a Service or SaaS (AaaS also known as Application as a Service) application hosted by the communications service provider (CSP), which allows the service to be accessed from anywhere at any time. This service can be any software-based applications, including communications, real-time or non-real-time.
  •     Platform as a Service (PaaS) hosted in the the CSP infrastructure, software and product development resources. The gateway software is installed on a web portal, or the customer’s computer by using the API, developers can create applications (such as platform)
  •     Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS), provides virtual server instances with unique IP address and on-demand storage block. Sometimes also called “utility computing”.


The selection will be based on technical or economic reasons, or both: how best to use cloud services to reduce costs and speed up the introduction of new services or applications to improve staff the mobile efficiency or internal collaboration. Requires a lot of computing power – usually requires a lot of investment in capital expenditure, the cloud is perfect, because the cloud services can take advantage of the advantages of a large number of on-demand resource use, pay-as-you-go.



Enterprise tool Blog!!

9 Oct

Blog is an online dairy, the contents of such a network diary is usually open their own can be published their own online. This kind of diary can be read the diary of someone else work, so I can speak to the blog be understood as one of the ideas, knowledge exchange on the Internet shared. In the era of information, these network tools are wealthy purpose, the blog is also true. Blog to friends outside addition to using more is used in website promotion and enterprise to do some marketing.

First, we look at some of the characteristics of blog enterprise features:

  •  The blog is a transmission of information and tools
  •  Blog corporate website, blog post article topics and publish a more flexible way
  •  Blog advertising and news dissemination portal compared with greater autonomy, without the need for direct costs
  •  Blog amount of information with supply and demand information platform information compared to the performance of more forms and relatively large, with a neutral point of view of their own enterprise product promotion

The blog has these advantages so bring more enterprise value:

  • Blog directly to potential customers
  • Embodied in reducing website promotion expenses
  • Blog post provide an opportunity for users to obtain information through a search engine
  • The blog post can easily increase the number of corporate website link
  • Can achieve low-cost readers study
  • One of the ideal way to establish authoritative website branding
  • Reduce by competitors beyond the potential loss
  • Allow marketers to shift from passive media rely on to take the initiative to publish information

It shows that the people who use the blog or wiki in enterprise system as a tool:

Since the blog is able to bring these values, then how SMEs can enhance the competition of the enterprises in the same industry to carry out an effective blog marketing.

In general, corporate blog marketing two purposes: First, improve enterprise keywords through the blog content in the search engine visibility and natural ranking, the second is to establish a corporate brand through blog content to attract the target customers directly, and promote business sales. Enterprises select a blog the marketing platform 1. To establish platform 2.BSP platform 3 to open blog plates. Corporate website. Blog marketing is to identify the contents of the following companies have chosen to blog marketing platform. The Enterprise Internet marketing make sure to promote the corporate brand to main or promotional corporate leaders of the main personal brand. Mainly to promote the corporate brand, then highlight the corporate brand image, such as Chongqing ceremony Order of the culture. Mainly based on promotional corporate leadership personal brand, it highlights personal charm.

Network marketing and more, be sure to pay attention to the quality. The content must be out of the enterprise, standing in the industry and even the height of the market economy as a whole, concerned about the hot issues of the industry, released the industry’s hot news. The enterprise market activities, new product information, such as regular release.

Blog marketing to adhere to long-term maintenance, and to develop long-term maintenance mechanism, keeping interact with customers.



The legal risks of enterprise 2.0

1 Sep

The credibility is the intangible assets for a company. Enterprise and customer trust are usually lengthy dealings with the sources, as much as a brand. In e-commerce environment, few users will deal with the completely unknown to the enterprise, when you demand-side supply-side is entirely unknown, will search its reputation information in the common information space, for example in the relevant “community” by retrieving related “popular tags” Gets the credit rating information of other users of the enterprise. In people’s awareness on the credibility of the process there is often the rule: If a trust B, B trusts c, then a likely to trust c. Such a trusted delivery mechanism can be achieved in two ways, one way is the official authority by acting as a b, and another way is by “mass evaluation system” as b.

  • Reputation Risks is a big problem for an enterprise

In enterprise environments, credibility of enterprises controlled by individuals or enterprises associated with its business. For example, the C2C mode eBay, B2C through Amazon, through the feedback system gets the assessment information. EBay feedback system is very simple, the buyer’s evaluation is divided into 3 types: positive, neutral, negative evaluations, respectively, corresponding to 1, 0, -1, however the calculated score obtained by the seller, as seller credibility evaluation index value.

Collection of a large number of judgments and comments made by the buyer determines the reputation of sellers, this mass of advice and wisdom of the masses is another essential feature of Enterprise 2.0. From a psychological point of view, however, the buyer’s evaluation of psychological is asymmetrical, evaluating the power of behaviors is not symmetrical. When the quality of goods or services being purchased, mental peace, virtually no impulse to evaluate, and when you are not satisfied with the quality of goods or services, easier to complain and even feelings of anger. Negative evaluation are more likely to form the great impulse, and in the quality of goods or services when a particularly desirable, also have a positive assessment of the impulse, but this impulse is often less than the former. So, a 2.0 “community”, “Forum” or by feedback evaluation system of reputation information is often incomplete, coupled with the in the anonymous environment of a malicious slander, mass evaluation system will inevitably not objective, not true, making misleading on other potential buyers.

However, the new technology likes a rapier, some pro and also some cons, but reputation is most important thing for a company. So I recommend some company should standard their platform.



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The negative and positive side for enterprise 2.0

28 Aug

If the e-mail era, the network only for people to meet with 5% in social network, so today this figure is at least rising 10 times. As a “non-contact” social network social occupy more than 80% of human social interaction, which means that the social networking traditional world is bound to have a huge impact.



In fact, social networks have human interaction completely innovative, fully confirms this view in the past few years. Enterprise 2.0 is the spontaneous enterprise social software platform, or between businesses and their customers, partners and suppliers spontaneous social software platform, social software is to make the human-computer interaction “into” human interaction “enterprise management is also from the “process-centric” to “people-centered” change. The enterprise is the product in order to reduce the social transaction costs. Today, the information economy in the socio-economic plays an increasingly important role, the cost of the transfer of information to replace the traditional transaction costs in the cost of resource allocation. How to reduce the cost of the transfer of information has become a key factor for enterprises to gain competitive advantage. The core of Enterprise 2.0 lies in the fact that the “the centralized collective wisdom, activate the personnel power, will be dispersed in the knowledge of the employees brain coming together, reduce the communication costs of internal information and external information advantage.



Spacebuilder referred SPB was born in 2007, asp. Net mvc architecture. Can use preset blog, groups, forums, blogging, share, albums, files, activities, voting, information and application modules, can be a one-stop structures sns community website. There are also quizzes, posters, recruitment extended application module. Have to facilitate the secondary development platform services: private letter, invitation, permissions, audit, privacy, integration, notification, dynamic, labeling, classification, attachments, full text search. Due to the natural advantages .Net security companies will choose .Net technology.




The key problem: Enterprise 2.0 and information security


As with any new technology applications, Enterprise 2.0 facilitates communication at the same time, it also brings many problems, security is the key issue. Enterprise groups, not everyone knows what data should or should not be shared, shared knowledge and will be quickly copy propagation, can easily lead to the leakage of information, which is Enterprise 2.0 most likely to be questioned. This problem common solution is: through authentication, authorization and other forms of centralized management and control of enterprise 2.0, this traditional identity authentication and permissions allocation is consistent with the, but it is also not able to solve the staff take the initiative to information outside vent the problem.




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How web2.0 technology and social internet tool effect on enterprise.

22 Aug

For an organization, web 2.0 technology has a strong attractive with it, and then the interaction with web 2.0 technology can make the cost of daily activities of more employees linked lower. Effective use of these techniques can also encourage people to participate in the project and share their views, thereby expanding the knowledge base of the enterprise. These technologies can expand the business scope and scale of the enterprise, to strengthen its ties with customers, improve the exchange and communication of business with suppliers and external partners.


  •  How business see web 2.0 to get profit


Web 2.0 achieved collaboration opportunities diversification, the dissemination of knowledge to be more efficient, in order to achieve effective. Use these benefits through enterprise automation sources, such as RSS, or blog (which Twitter is the most popular form) generated.



Here is an example





Disney Parks is a site designed to encourage more visitors to Disney’s parks. They do a fantastic job of making their site memorable and useful. One great feature is the way they showcase their blog authors. Next to each post is a photo of the author. This allows their content to be a bit more friendly and transparent. Also, Disney is a world-renowned company and they’re known for their professional branding and impeccable productions. To be consistent with the brandingand to meet the expectations of their audience, this blog site posts professional videos, photos and content.Unlike the Stony field Farms blog mentioned earlier, Disney Parks does not have that casual, homegrown feeling to it. Instead it’s polished and professional to match their branding.


  •  Enhance enterprise 2.0 be used in business


Many companies are experimenting with Web 2.0 technologies, but for a large number of key loyal users to create a technology environment, it is even more difficult. The results confirm that the successful adoption of Web 2.0 technologies require the adoption of these tools integrated into the user’s working flow.



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